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2019: Let’s do this!

I love a new year; fresh start, new goals, a chance to do what you might have missed the year before and of course another birthday to celebrate! (I love my birthday especially when it is so early in the year)

Every year, just after Christmas and just before new year, I start to prepare my thoughts on the year to come. My husband and I have created a healthy habit of setting vision for the year ahead and over time it has become more defined. For example, when we started we would write down general goals as a couple but now being in business, having kids and being involved in ministry, we have adapted. I now begin to prepare goals in categories:

  • Personal goals – where do I see myself at the end of the year?
  • Family goals – what do I want my family to look like at the end of the year?
  • Business goals – what do I want to achieve in and through business?

Why have vision?

I have found that having goals before me drives me. Without vision I begin to feel frustrated in my day to day life. When I have vision of something I want to achieve and somewhere I want to be, day to day tasks become structured around getting to the end result.

The simplest example of this would be losing weight. I think is probably one of the most famous of all new year’s resolutions set haha. Its been on mine a few times. If losing weight is part of my vision, then in my day to day I plan to eat with the purpose of that in mind instead just eating for the sake of eating.

“A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past.” (P.K. Bernard)

God supports vision

I have two scriptures that keep vision and goals fresh on my heart:

Proverbs 29:18; ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’

Habakkuk 2:2; ‘Write the vision and engrave it plainly on tablets so that the one who reads it will run.’

I love how God is all about plans, purpose and destiny. He is very forward thinking if you catch my drift. I can understand then why it would be in our nature to think into the future. Sure it might not be everyone’s habit but I would think that following in the footsteps of the original visionary then having vision is exciting.

With all that side talk, I make sure to include prayer when laying down vision for the future. I really can’t explain the feeling of including God in the process but I know for myself I am definitely trusting that He will help see it through. With that said I would encourage anyone preparing their vision of the future to not rush the process but really give it thought and time

Being prepared

There are many ways to put down your goals and vision for the future. I must confess I am quite the stationery addict and have done different things for different jobs.

For my general life dreams/goals, I chose a picture board. This is great fun if you are a visual person. You basically go in search for pictures that best describe what you want to do and can make a little note by them. I have an A3 board that for example, has a picture of a cruise ship on it as I have also wanted to go on one. In 2017 I did just that so can you imagine how satisfying it to mark it done!

For the year ahead I have opted to use my really cool Christian Arts Media Diary that I was blessed with at the last EC Meetup. It just ticks all my nerdy needs boxes and the added advantage of day to day scriptures and motivational notes helps me feel like I have already succeeded this year.

It has ample note taking space on the back pages so I have taken a page for each set of goals so that I am always mindful of them as I progress in the year!

I am really excited for the year ahead. I am even more excited to start ticking off my goals and looking back at what I would be achieving this year.

Do you have goals for the future? Feeling inspired to get some vision for the year? Its never too late to start!

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