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A Little Generosity going a long way

I am a firm believer in the saying “One mans trash is another man’s treasure”. In the hardest times in my life I have benefited from such phrase many times over. Many of us from big families might also remember the joy of hand me downs. There really is no waste in passing on what is no longer of use to you.

Now I am in a fortunate position where I not only pay it forward, I get to train my children to do so to. I get to teach them that the things that they might not use anymore, will bring joy to someone else.

In the lesson, I teach Josh and Lizzy that it is important to give in a way that they would want to receive. The only time something ends up in the bin is if it is broken/damaged or spoiled and of course they learn that there is a reward in doing so. 

I am so grateful for “The Little Generosity Shop” initiative by Cadbury Dairy Milk. They have made it easy to teach my children the joy of giving (and receiving) in the process. I get to take my children with their pre-loved toys and books to give it in themselves. In exchange they get some delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. (Mommy will definitely also be benefiting in the effort of sugar control lol).

For those that don’t know or haven’t heard; the Little generosity shop is set up nationwide with a mobile shop visiting some of the smaller towns. The initiative gives SA a chance to make a difference in millions of orphaned children’s lives by collecting toys, books and games and trade it in for chocolate. What a win-win situation for all.

What makes this giving experience so much more exciting is the that consumers have the opportunity to write a personalized message to a child they donate to. 

Visitors also get to learn about the history of Cadbury Dairy Milk and learn more on how to spread their generosity even further with ‘Cadbury Chronicles’ as well as seeing the interactive wall showing how the journey of a single donated toy can inspire untold happiness. 

The mobile “Little Generosity Shop” will be Port Elizabeth this Father’s day weekend at Baywest Mall (15th& 16th) so be sure not to miss out on the opportunity. You don’t have to have children with toys to benefit in giving. You just have to have a touch of generosity.

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